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PJ Land Development is a development and construction company dedicated to offering turnkey real estate development solutions nationwide. Our brokerage teams can identify the best site locations for your next project based on extensive commercial real estate experience, market research using the latest technology, and utilizing trusted development partnerships.

We treat each project with the same enthusiasm, dedication, and precision. PJ Land Development is committed to delivering exceptional services for local public, private, institutional, and nonprofit clients to best serve the region’s distinct needs.

Our Solution

We are a one-stop shop executing all of the development steps from site identification to store opening.

Market planning

Finding the right location is key. PJ Land Development’s team will first conduct market and industry research specific to your business to ensure development is profitable. This includes surveying locations, neighborhood demographics and demand, and local competition so we can create a customized playbook and template. Our architecture team will then design a scalable building prototype.


We will present you with the best land development opportunities so you can make the optimal decision based on your specific site criteria metrics. Once we acquire the property and obtain approval of land use and building permits, our team will focus on design, planning, and working with third parties to guarantee efficiency. Our architect, engineers, and project consultants collaborate with you to bring your project to life. These comprehensive services also include finalizing a leasing agreement and negotiating funding through equity investors and lenders.


Our engineering teams perform due diligence and analyze site feasibility by investigating local zoning laws and any environmental hazards, determining building estimates and cash flow projections, and if the site meets your overall development goals. Doing so will streamline the approval process to guarantee the project is completed to full satisfaction.

Construction delivery

PJ Land Development’s staff is fully dedicated to learning your brand and delivering projects consistently on time and on budget. PJ Land Development’s contractors guarantee 100% transparency with our clients from start to finish with fully transparent pricing with fixed fees. We monitor project status and keep in communication with clients regularly so all parties are up-to-date on progress. From earthwork to laying utilities and external building construction, you will have complete access to and control of the project timeline with real time project reporting.

Real estate consulting
& development

We offer a comprehensive approach to
provide a complete spectrum of services that are tailored with each client’s unique needs and budget in mind. We leverage our long standing relationships throughout the real estate and construction industries to streamline the development process in a cost-efficient manner.

National development services include:

  • Acquisition, site selection, and market planning
  • Site feasibility
  • Due diligence, entitlement, and contract management


From initial research of the project site to property management opportunities, we strive to make the building process as smooth and cohesive as possible by managing all communications, services, and professional contractors and consultants.

Our experienced builders will transform your vision into reality with complete site work and built-to-suit services included.
Our mission is to build beautiful, sustainable commercial and industrial properties by combining our vast construction expertise with innovative practices.

We embark on each project as an integrated team to ensure on-time project completion and high-quality workmanship.

Construction Services

What makes PJ Land Development different from competitors is that we are your one-stop shop for your company’s growth aspirations with a team structure in place to service high-quality rollouts. We work closely with leading engineering, architecture, and design firms, as well as a trusted group of building contractors to outperform in all areas of project development. Our partners bring subject matter expertise in scaling and managing multi-site programs for corporate clients throughout the country.

Why work
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Our Value

  • Customized data driven market plan
  • Highly structured approach to site selection, entitlement, and acquisition
  • Local brokers, architects and attorneys creating your company’s standard to allow for scalable growth
  • Fully transparent approach in both the construction process and price

Creating Better Partnerships
Through Project Transparency

PJ Land Development uses Procore Construction Management Software to offer real-time project visibility to our clients to help your team make better decisions, reduce risks, and communicate efficiently without delay. This mobile responsive tool closes the communication loop between the office and field so all parties are kept informed of any and all updates and potential obstacles.
Information is updated instantly, with information logs available to capture the full scope and timeline of the project. Teams can keep track of project progress, tasks, daily logs, communications, reports, photos, timecards, specifications, and much more.

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